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Name Major
Ji Young YANG Food Fermentation Technology, Food Hygiene
Yang Bong LEE Food Chemistry, Flavor Chemistry
Young-Mog KIM Food Microbiology, Genetic Engineering Food
Young Jin CHANG Physiological Aquaculture
Sungchul C. BAI Nutrition and Metabolism
Chang-Hoon KIM Environmental Biology
Yoon Kwon NAM Genetics Resources and Engineering
Dae-Jae LEE Instrument Engineering for Fishing, Lader Engineering
Chun Woo LEE Marine Production System, Fishing Gear Design & Analysis
Chang Ik ZHANG Stock Assessment & Management, Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
Hyeon-Ok SHIN Fishery Information, Acoustic Telemetry
Sang-Go LEE Marine Environment and Fisheries, Marine Bio Economics, Economics of Fisheries Management
Young-Soo JANG Marketing Management, Fisheries Management, Seafood Marketing, International Fisheries Business Administration
Seong-Kwae PARK Food Economics, Negotiation Theory of Marine Affairs, Blue Tourism Management
Hee-Dong PYO Financial Management, Environmental Economics, Investment Evaluation Theory
Dohoon KIM Production and Operations Management, Marine Service Operations Management, Management of Technology, Statistics for Business and Economics
Suam KIM Climate and Fisheries, Fisheries Oceanography, Ecology of Early Life History of Fishes
Chul-Woong OH Marine Biology, Population Ecology, Fisheries Biology
Hyun-Woo KIM Molecular Biology, Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Animal Physiology
Wongyu PARK Zooplanktology, Invertebrate Zoology
Hong-Soo RYU Food, Food Chemistry
Hyeung-Rak KIM Functional Foods, Molecular Biology
Hong-Ki HONG Biochemistry, Marine Biotechnology
Joong Kyun KIM Bioreaction Engineering, Environmental Bioreaction
Min Do HUH Fish Health Evaluation System, Cultured Invertebrate
Tae Jin CHOI Algae Virus, Micro Algae Transformation