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KOICA-PKNU International Graduate Program of Fisheries Science

KOICA-PKNU International Graduate Program of Fisheries Science(GFS) is to bring up experts on fisheries-related fields who are equipped with core skills, practicable expertise, problem-solving ability, international awareness, and visions. The success of KOICA-PKNU GFS will result in the development of fishery resources unutilized in developing countries for mutual benefits under the exchange of skilled technical knowledge and manpower. Additionally, KOICA-PKNU GFS will facilitate cooperative relationship and expand networks between participating countries and Korea in the field of fisheries science.

KOICA-PKNU GFS aims to train fisheries specialists on various fields of fisheries science and contribute to the development of fisheries industries of participating countries.


교육과정 교과목 소개
No. Subjects
1 Master’s Thesis Research
2 Master’s Seminar 1
3 Master’s Seminar 2
4 Master’s Field Seminar 1
5 Master’s Field Seminar 2
6 Fisheries Topics
7 Fish Reproduction
8 Seaweed Culture & Biotechnology
9 Fish Disease
10 Fisheries Waste Treatment
11 Fisheries Resource Assessment & Management
12 Fisheries Engineering
13 Fisheries Investment Appraisal
14 International Fisheries Law
15 Eco-friendly Finfish Culture & System Management
16 Feed Nutrition & Feed Processing Technology
17 Fisheries Physiology
18 Sensory Evaluation & Statistics
19 Newer Food Design
20 Computer Aided Fishing Gear Design & Practices
21 Biotelemetry
22 Fisheries Trade & Management Policy
23 Fisheries Economics & Management
24 Seafood Safety Control