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Welcome all of you visiting to the homepage of the Graduate School of Global Fisheries in Pukyong National University.

Nowadays, as fisheries resources are gradually depleted, competition for security of fisheries resources is internationally intensified. Accordingly, we are interested in industrially diverse utilization of fisheries resources, their utility as a future food industry, and efficient education for excellent potential manpower of developing countries. To cultivate experts leading the fields of fisheries sciences under the demand of the times, the Graduate School of Global Fisheries was newly established in 2013, which was capable of carrying 29 students belonging to the departments of Bioindustrial Engineering, Biological Resources, Food Industrial Engineering, Aquaculture, Fishery Production, Marine Business and Polices, and International Graduate Program of Fisheries Sciences.

The Graduate School of Global Fisheries constructs excellent faculty members and adequate research infra to meet rapidly changing environment actively, and will develop it as a special graduate school producing international-sense possessing experts in the fields of fisheries sciences. Furthermore, we do our best to stimulate the utilization-development of domestic and foreign resources and internationalization of fisheries industries after we construct the network of leaders in the fields of fisheries sciences.

Finally, we promise to offer original research-education suitable to new era by our 70 devoted faculty members and to develop this Graduate School continuously as a fisheries industries-future-creating graduate school in order to provide each student with dignity as an expert in each field of fisheries sciences.

Graduate School of Global Fisheries
Joong Kyun Kim